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AGM highlights 2007 (Last Update 22/11/2007)

After 10 years of efficient, loyal and dedicated effort as our Club Secretary, Hilary, stood down at the AGM, held at the Club on Tuesday, 13 November. This job is the heartbeat of the Club, to which Hilary has brought the heart as well as the beat, always being at the forefront in welcoming and encouraging new members, as well as providing the essential support and guidance to the rest of us, and she will be an extremely hard act to follow. Peter (who also has a great track record of encouraging and developing new members) has manfully agreed to take on the task, although Hilary has, typically, agreed to help him out with Minutes, and has therefore been co-opted to the Committee as Minutes Secretary! A huge "thank-you" to both our outgoing and incoming Secretaries!

The Club's financial position is healthy, with our income continuing to slightly exceed outgoings, so the Club fees are to remain fixed for next year, and proposals for spending some of our savings on things to improve what the Club offers are to be considered over the winter. We do all (President, please note!) need to make Richard T's job as Treasurer easier by not making him ask over and over again for Club fees to be paid, so it was unanimously decided to institute a rule that anyone who has not by 1 April 2008 either paid their subs, or entered into a commitment with Richard that they will be paid, will not be allowed to take part in any Club activity until they are paid. Richard will make payment as easy as possible, if necessary accepting staged payments to spread the load.

Unfortunately, fixture congestion and the weather ruled out playing the 2007 Ron Luxton drawn doubles competition this year, partly due to the 2006 competition being carried over from last year. Rather than carry it over again, we decided to abandon the 2007 event, but we will try to ensure that the 2008 event is played early next season, partly in order to get the competitive league season off to the same flying start that we achieved this year.

For the same reason, we are going to try to organise another "Saints v Pilgrims" match before the start of the next league season.

To try to avoid the Club Singles and Doubles Championships finals day becoming any longer, darker, colder and wetter, we are going to try several new initiatives: starting earlier in the season; a more rigorous enforcement of the deadlines for completion of each round; the "higher" of each pair of teams in the draw being responsible for initiating the arrangement of a date for playing each match; and the doubles semi-final being played as an extra round BEFORE "Finals Day", which will therefore just consist of the Singles semi-finals and Final and the Doubles Final. All of this is experimental, to see whether it achieves the desired effect!

The Playing Committee, under Jill's guidance, is going to consider any changes that might be needed in view of Saints' splendid promotion to Division 2 of the 6-a-side league.

Finally, because various people are away between the AGM and Christmas it has not been possible either to stick with the original date for the Christmas Dinner and Presentation Evening or to come up with an alternative date before Christmas. Hilary is therefore trying to organise a date and place for the first week in January.

Thanks to everyone for attending and participating, and to those who provided the "nibbles", and thanks and congratulations to everyone for their play and achievements throughout the generally very successful year; may next year be even better!

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