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[AGM 2010]



Annual General Meeting, 2010

Draft Minutes (to be approved at the 2011 AGM)

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Southampton City Petanque Club

held on Tuesday 9th November 2010


Present: Hilary Dalmasso, Gianni Dalmasso, Bernie Miles, Andy Powell, Jill Lovelock, Robin Lovelock, Richard Trent, Richard Powell, Jackie Powell, Mavis Smith, Bill Smith, Wayne Thatcher, Sam Thatcher, Kaylee Thatcher, Paul Delavault, Jean Delavault, Graham Galton,  David Plumhoff, Aaron Giles


1. Apologies:- . Ron Luxton, Peter Galton


2. President’s Opening Address:- 

Richard presented the 9 a side salver to David and Flight Re-fuelling Trophy to Kaylee, Sam & Wayne.

Thanks to everyone for coming.  Thanks to the committee for all the work put in to running the club and to Robin for the extra work supporting behind the scenes. It has been a successful season again with individuals doing very well, also the 9 a side team and Saints, and Jean’s team selection has encouraged all her squad members to play. Bernie continues as President of the Southern Region.


3. Minutes of the previous meeting & matters arising:-   

Correction to minutes Sam won the Adult Junior Trophy with Graham, not Kaylee (apologies to Sam for the error). Minutes otherwise agreed.


4. Officers Reports:-

Secretary:- Peter absent so no report.  In his absence Bernie informed us that the EPA AGM is being held at Bordon on Saturday 20th and the Southern Region AGM  and Melee is on Sunday 21st at The Limes.

EPA: Devon have proposed a motion about altering the qualification procedure for national representation by dividing the country into 6 areas.

Qualifiers from 2011 will represent the EPA in 2012.

From next year everyone will be issued with an International Competition Licence  which requires a photograph, this replaces the current option of a membership card.

Various changes to the constitution are proposed including immediate suspension for misconduct until considered by the playing committee.

An Amendment to the rules re smoking and drinking by spectators.

Currently no National Secretary.  Adrian standing for Treasurer.

2 London members have been suspended until 2012/13


Club Finals being held Saturday 13.11.10 @ 11am.


Richard wished Peter to get better soon - the Secretary’s role is vital to the existence of the Club.

Thanks to Hilary for the minutes.


Captains Report:- Jill Lovelock       


 I  am usually able to congratulate the club champions at this point but this year I cant, so good luck on Saturday to all those playing in the Finals.

This year the Bernay Cup was won by David, and the Ron Luxton Trophy by Hilary, Graham & Peter.

Well done to Saints  for retaining the  Div. 1  6 a side title and maintaining a consistently high standard. Commiserations to Pilgrims on their relegation, but well done Jean for keeping everyone involved.  Congratulations for winning the 9 a side salver and being runner up in the league, a good first season for David. Thanks all Captains and  players. Competitively a successful season throughout, particular mention should go to Sam who has represented the EPA in Holland and at the European Junior Championships in France.  David and Kaylee have also played very well this year. We hosted the Regional  Triples, thanks to everyone involved in organising this. All other results can be seen on the website as news and achievements. Thanks to Richard for the upkeep of the website, please keep him informed of results so that he can keep it up to date. We have continued with our Thursday Morning Seniors which have proved enjoyable social games.

My role as club Captain is to oversee the health and happiness of the club, and to make sure that people want to stay on as members. First - it has been difficult this year to get the club singles/doubles played and finals day fixed. We had agreed to give priority to club finals over the 9 a side salver, then for good reason we entered a team  (and didnt we do well?), but it is a problem to play so late in the season.  We need to discuss what priority we give to regional events over club events.  Secondly during the league season we very rarely have club nights when there is no match, and with 2 six a side teams, members rarely see and play with other squads.  Should the playing committee identify 2 or 3 Tuesday evenings when here are no league matches, or teams are playing away on a different night, and encourage club training/activity so that we mix with players we dont regularly see?  I welcome your views on both these issues and suggest we record these and take them forward to the playing committee early next year to fix dates.


Responses to Captains Report to take to Playing Committee

 1. Make the draw and start the singles/double competition earlier in the year. Xmas Dinner considered too early - possibly at the Bernay Cup or at the first playing committee meeting assuming everyone knows who is playing with whom. Jackie suggested the first Tuesday of the new season when there is no match and hopefully everyone can be present.

2. When the draw has been done it should be the responsibility of the first/top named player/team to make the arrangements to play the match with their opposition.

3.  We should fix dates in the calendar for events on Tuesday nights such as a  club melee.  This calendar of events to be on the notice board


Richard thanked Jill for a great job, long may it continue


9-a-Side Captain:-  David Plumhoff


David apologised to those club members who did not get to play in the 9 a side this year, which went against what he had said he would do, but after a very good start to the season he decided to keep to the same team.  He picked 9 strong players for the 9 a side salver which was a good end to a successful season.


Richard thanked David for a spectacular 1st season as 9 a side Captain. The playing committee will look at selection procedure again but the captains own judgement has to be the major decider

Paul asked how ’strong players’ were judged to be so if the captains did not see them play.  Jill suggested that future club melees would give everyone the opportunity to see how people play.


6-a-Side Captains:-  

Jean Delavault -

The Pilgrims  2010 -Fortunes Reversed

A sad season with our relegation back to League 3.  Almost all the games we lost 3-2 against, with most decided on the later ends.  Everyone tried hard but we just did not quite make it.  Once again I have tried to give a fair share of games to all team members always allowing for holidays and other ‘leave of absence’.  My thanks to the great sandwich makers and for all the lifts given for away games.  Thank you Pilgrims for all your support and especially Hilary & Bernie for captaining the team in my absence.  Pilgrim will return next season with renewed vigour to try to retake our position in League 2.


Saints -Graham Galton -  Another good season for  The Saints and good that everyone got 2 games.


Thanks very much to Jean and Graham.


Treasurer’s Report:-  Richard Trent - Accounts attached. (date amended)


Since the accounts were typed the entry fee for the 9 a side salver has been paid. As accounts stand there is no need to increase subs and we can finance the Xmas party wine/drinks again this year.

Membership therefore:  £20 adult, £10 child plus £10 each to MRFC due end of Feb. Then £16 to EPA when licence renewal forms arrive. EPA membership procedure is being changed so that members can pay online or by phone details tbc.

Funding from RBoS should continue hopefully.

We have still not had any request for the terrain fee despite asking.  Should we be pursued for arrears we have enough funds to cover.  We paid £42.50 for the Regional Doubles Hire which will be recovered from the region.

Thanks very much Richard.


Bernie asked if we could fund club fleeces/body warmers - committee to consider.


M.R.F.C. Representative’s Report:-  Robin Lovelock, Jackie Ings joined the Meeting.


Robin reported on the issues of the Oasis Academy and the outsourcing of Leisure Management. Robin had previously circulated all the correspondence via e mail for everybody’s information.

The initial plans for the Academy could have involved ‘our’ car park but this has changed. The Academy car park will now have a separate entrance by Cedar School but will only accommodate staff and visitors so will be very small.  Use of our car park by other users of the Academy may impact on us so we have objected to the plans.  We have not been invited to comment as a club but Robin and Jill have done so on behalf of SCPC and MRFC.  Further public planning meetings are scheduled for 23rd November & 21st December which Robin will attend.



Leisure Management has been transferred to an outside Agency (Active Nation and DC Leisure), as of 1st September

Re renewal of the Rugby Club Lease Jackie has had a letter asking for the Rent to be paid to DC Leisure instead of  Leisure Dept. agreed by  club solicitor. We have been told that there is no threat to the club from the building of the Academy.  Active Nation are happy for the club to have its own set of keys, they only want to come in to clean the premises, so hopefully no problems foreseen for the future. Proposal expected from Active Nation by the end of the year. They have been alerted to the potential parking problem and will be given time to respond,  if not we intend to make a formal complaint to the Council and Leisure Management that they have failed to protect their users interests in relation to the Academy and parking.


Maintenance issues  - gate, fence, keys, request for outside box for light switch have all been raised with Active Nation but nothing has happened yet except confirmation that keys will be available.


The club will not be open during the winter months a the rugby club have transferred their training elsewhere due to waterlogged pitch.  Reopening February.


The 1 million pounds that Bernie believed was available to tackle the drainage problem is no longer available, can we ask for small improvements such as a scorers table and the seats to be mended?


Thanks to Jackie for looking after us.  Thanks to Robin for all his hard work.


5.  Communications & Website Richard Powell


We have to rely on e mails as our main means of communication, so if you do get requests about availability please do answer.

Everyone is interested in our club members achievements so please keep Richard updated with results so that we can all share the news, and present a good face of the club to the Petanque community.  Mike Padwick is designing a website at college, in Feb March we will see what he has come up with. If it looks promising we may consider using it.

Richard would like someone else to share maintenance of the club site if possible.


Pete to produce contact list with e mail addresses as usual in the new year.

Minutes of this meeting to be out asap.


6.  Election of Officers:-



President - Richard Powell

Captain - Jill Lovelock

Treasurer - Richard Trent

M.R.F.C Representative - Robin Lovelock

PR. Officer - David Plumhoff

9-a-Side Captain - David Plumhoff

6-a-Side Captain - Jean Delavault

                              Graham Galton

Minutes Secretary - Hilary Dalmasso (now a formal committee position)

Co-Opted Junior Member - Sam Thatcher.

Co-Opted Member - Mavis Smith



6. Events:-

Regional Presentation Eve 4th December 2010 Twyford Social Club

Xmas Dinner 7th  December 2010

Ron Luxton Trophy - TBA  by playing committee

Saints v Pilgrims TBA by playing committee

Seniors 3rd Thursday in Month commencing April 2011 to November 2011

Bernay Cup May 2nd Bank Holiday Monday

Club Single and doubles as this year - Finals day to consist of singles semi-final and finals, and doubles final. 13th November  2011

SCPC Open June 2011 TBA

Xmas Dinner 13th  December 2011


Any Other Business

Bernie - President of the Region,  informed us that there will be 4 Full Council Meetings next year at Limes all welcome.


Meeting Closed 10.15pm

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