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Singles-Doubles results, Bernay Cup results, Open Competition results


The 9-a-side team came 4th in Division 2, with 2 wins from 8 matches.

The 6-a-side team came 4th in Division 3, with 6 wins from 10 matches.

For full results from the leagues in which SCPC played, see the League Archive.


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Season's Achievements, 2002, Draft AGM Minutes, Accounts 2001/2


Season's achievements, 2002


This season's first achievement belongs to our youngest member, Graham, who has been asked to represent the Region as part of the team for the National Junior Triples on March 17th at Loughton in Essex.  Well done Graham, and good luck to you and the rest of the team!

Even better - Graham, playing with Zoe Tapp and Chris Doyle from Worthing, won the Plate Competition - congratulations to all three! An IOW team won the Main competition.

Gianni, playing with Mark and Jed from Limesdowne, was a Losing Semi-Finalist in the Farmhouse Open on 31 March.

Hilary and Gianni won the Plate at the Cobbetts Doubles on 6 April, whilst Jean and Paul won the "ODNM competition" (don't ask!).

The Club's first internal competition of the season, the Bernay Cup, was won by Richard P with 5/5 wins and points for & against of 65/36, closely followed by Robin (4/5; 61/31), Bernie (4/5; 59/31) and David (4/5; 57/40), with another excellent performance by Graham, coming 5th (3/5; 55/48) and carrying the President to victory in the final round!  Click here for Bernie's pictures from the day, and see if you can work out what the President was doing in the last picture!!  The Club Singles and Doubles was made at the end of the day by Jill, who also organised the picnic.

Graham does it again!  Playing with Matthew Huckle of Portsmouth, he won the Plate Competition at the British National Juniors event at Luton PC on May 18th.

Next day, at Crondall, Bernie and Richard, with Jackie from Limesdowne, and Gianni, with Jed and Mark from Limesdowne, emerged 9th and 12th respectively from the Regional Qualification series and go on to the Masters Competition on 13/14th July at Limesdowne.

On Monday 3rd June, Hilary and Gianni won the Shedfield doubles, while Bernie and Richard won the main consollage competition.

Jill & Robin were runners-up in the Regional Doubles at Shedfield on Sunday 9 June, while Bernie and Richard were runners-up in the Plate competition.

Congratulations to Kath and Mike Knight and Dave Stubbs, who won our Open Competition on Sunday 23rd June.  Strong SCPC interest in the remaining prizewinners, with Gianni (plus Jed and Mark from Limesdowne) 2nd, Marilyn and David (plus Dave from Wanderers) 3rd, Bernie and Richard (plus Jackie from Limedowne) 4th, and Hilary (with Lynn from Wanderers and Pam from Farmhouse) 5th.  Top more or less complete SCPC team was Jean and Paul and Robert in 6th place, even if Robert's connection is somewhat historical!  Click here for full details and pictures.

Successful weekend for Hilary on 6/7 July, winning the "MacMillan" melée at Limesdowne on Saturday and the Plate competition at the Flight Refuelling Open on Sunday, with Gianni plus Jed from Limesdowne.

Gianni, with Jed and Mark from Limesdowne qualified 4th from the Regional Masters on 13/14 July to go forward to the Inter-Regional match in September, whilst Bernie and Richard , with Jackie from Limesdowne, came 10th but were elevated to one of the two inter-Regional "Presidents' Select" teams due to the withdrawal of a higher-placed team. Graham has also been selected for the junior regional team.

Jill, Robin and Peter were one of two Southampton-based teams in the annual Hampshire and Isle of Wight Games on 14 July at Basingstoke (the other Southampton team being the Willcoxes from Wanderers PC) who came narrowly second on points to the Isle of Wight, with Southampton and IOW having won the same number of games overall.

SCPC was well represented amongst the prizes for the Shedfield Classic on 25 August, with Jean, Hilary, and Gianni  being Losing Semi-Finalists in the Main, while in the Plate "Jorji" (Jill, Robin and John Pollinger - Shedfield) were Runners-up and Bernie, Paul and Jackie (Limesdowne) lost in the semi-finals.

SCPC had 4 players at the Inter-Regional competition; follow the link to find out about Graham's, Gianni's, Bernie's and Richard's exploits, plus a report of the competition.

Bernie & Richard won the Limesdowne Open doubles on 15 September, and Hilary and Gianni won the Main Consollage.

See the Honours page for results of the Club Singles and Doubles competitions.

Hilary and Gianni were runners-up to Ian and Stuart from Horse and Jockey in the Regional Summer Doubles Finals on 12 October; Jean and Paul also qualified for finals day.

Peter was the best-placed club player in the Regional Singles at Crondall on 20 October, losing in the semi-final of the Plate competition.

Possibly the last of this season's achievements belongs, like the first, to Graham, who passed both his Green and Red Junior awards at Portchester on 16 November. Further congratulations to him, and thanks to Peter for his encouragement, and to Kath for developing  and running the Junior Awards programme.

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Draft AGM Minutes


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Southampton City Petanque Club held on Tuesday 12th November 2002

Present:- Richard Powell, Jill Lovelock, Robin Lovelock, Hilary Dalmasso, Ron Luxton, Bernie Miles, Paul Delavault, Jean Delavault, Paul Garratt, Marilyn Page, David Page, Peter Galton. Richard Trent, Gianni Dalmasso.

1. Apologies:- Jackie Powell, Graham Galton

2. Presidents Opening Address:- Welcome everyone - it's been a good year, everyone has tried hard and played the game in the right spirit, and hopefully we will be getting some new members to the club.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting & matters arising:- Peter Galton was at the meeting last year.

After Malcolm's departure a special general meeting was held, minutes of which are available, and Richard Trent took over as Treasurer.

It was unanimously agreed that we should re-apply for a grant from the Outer Shirley Regeneration Fund for additional lighting for the terrain.

Officers Reports:­

4. Secretary:-The regional AGM took place on 18th November 2001 and Adrian Thomas became President following the resignation of Elwyn Morgan. Executive meetings are now closed meetings. Member ship is dropping nationally, however Adrian hoped that a new president - Dave Watts - would make a difference. Unfortunately since then Dave has had to step down due to the ill health of his wife.

Nothing further to report as this year's Regional AGM is not until next week, those attending will report back to the club after that date.

Richard thanked Hilary for all her hard work during the year.

5. Captains Report:- Jill gave the Club Competition Results as follows:

Bernay Cup Richard, Club Singles Hilary, Club Doubles Richard & Bernie and our Open Competition was won by KDM. It has been a successful year, in fact a whole page & a half is on our web site - thanks to Richard - copy attached with all the details.

Jill was pleased that as `enforcer' of the club competition she was able to get the qualifying matches played and the semis/finals played on a fine day. However, she is concerned that the format of a `finals day' may not be what everyone wants and there is no point in continuing with it like that if this is the case.

Deposits for the Club Dinner are required at the end of the meeting please

It was agreed that a committee meeting will be held in the new year to discuss playing matters. Only the committee will vote but all members are welcome to attend.

Thank you Captain.

6. 9-a-Side Captain:- Bernie reported that he had enjoyed his first season as Captain of the 9-a-side even though we finished 4th out of 5 in Division 2. The games were close - we lost 5 games 5-4 and 17-2. The 2 wins were 6-3. Thanks to all the sandwich makers - particularly Hilary for the Ship match which was postponed twice. Limesdowne and Ship will be promoted, Shedfield and Farmhouse will be demoted. Richard thanked Bernie for a great job.

7. Six-a-Side Captain:- Ron thanked everyone who had played, and the sandwich makers.

It was a smaller league this year with 10 matches instead of 14. We won 6 and lost 4 and finished in 4th place. Portchester won 4 and lost 6 but finished above us because we lost 5-0 to them. Winning matches by 3-2 margin means we lose points and position in the league. As yet Ron does not know about promotions/demotions for next year.

Richard thanked Ron for a sterling job in fulfilling the club objectives to involve everyone and remain competitive.

David asked if the club should write to the league secretary to say that we are dissatisfied with the scoring. This has been raised before with no result. It was agreed that the matter will be raised again by Hilary at the AGM next week, with a request to review the scoring system.

8. Treasurer's Report:- Richard first asked that his change of address be noted. He thanked Richard Powell for the work done on the accounts to set them in order. At present we have three bank accounts and Richard proposed that we dispense with the Woolwich account as we get interest from Lloyds anyway. It was agreed to keep Lloyds TSB as our bankers.

There were some anomalies in the way subscriptions paid in and out were recorded -in future a proper record will be kept of who has paid what and when. Last year's terrain fee and some stationary were paid for from cash in hand. We received a donation from the Royal Bank of Scotland and can get the same again this year - we need to discuss what should be done with this money.

The accounts were accepted unanimously and Richard P proposed a vote of thanks to Richard T for taking over the Treasurer's position and securing the grant from RBoS.

In order to change the bank mandates proof of identity is required from Jill, Richard P and Richard T.

No change will be made in the club fees which remain at £10 for MRFC, £18 for BPA and £20 for SCPC. Junior Fee 110 for MRFC and £2 BPA only.

Fees payable to Treasurer on 1st January for the year ahead. MRFC due September, BPA due March. As discussed earlier the regeneration grant application did no meet certain criteria last time so we will apply again. If we offer to match any council funding from club funds we may get a more favourable response - to be discussed further in New Year Committee Meeting.

Robin proposed purchasing the wine for the club dinner with club funds as usual - seconded by Jean - unanimous.

9. M.R.F.C. Representative's Report:- Robin said that things are much the same as last year - he is in touch with Jackie Ings on an informal basis and as always more volunteers are needed to man the bar.

Bernie attended the MRFC AGM where the Cricket Club suggested an Inter-Club Social e.g. The Rugby Club playing us at Petanque. It was agreed that this is a nice idea - Jill will pursue.

Thank you Robin & Bernie.

10. Public Relations Officer:- Bernie confessed to being unsuccessful again in getting any publicity for the club but Peter has succeeded very well. Copies of articles in the Echo re Graham attached. Richard may be able to get some publicity if the RBoS Grant is given again this year. Well done Peter.

11. Election of Officers:- All Officers remain the same with the exception of a)PR Officer now Peter Galton, b) Co-opted Marilyn Page.

President - Richard Powell

Captain - Jill Lovelock

Secretary - Hilary Dalmasso

Treasurer - Richard Trent

9-a-Side Captain - Bernie Miles

6-a-Side Captain - Ron Luxton

M.R.F.C Representative - Robin Lovelock

PR Officer - Peter Galton

Co-opted - Jean Delavault & Marilyn Page

12. Events:-

Regional AGM - 17th November 2002

Club Dinner - 10th December 2002

Open Competition - Sunday 22nd June 2003

Bernay Cup - 5th May 2003 - Agreed Lunch to be financed from club funds.

13. AOB:-

David suggested advertising the club in the Nursling & Rownhams Village News - agreed.. There is also a twinning association- David will make contact. Peter can pursue a twinning link with Michelmersh if we wish, or Southampton - we will try Nursling first. Nothing further was heard from Toulouse.

Richard thanked everyone for coming, Jean, and Hilary for the nibbles and wished all a Happy Xmas and a Happy playing season next year.

The Meeting closed at 9.10pm.

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Accounts 2001/2

Southampton City Petanque Club Accounts - (2001/2002)

Opening Balance








12 November 2001

Bank Account Interest



14 November 2001

Club Subscriptions 2001



14 November 2001

Club Subscriptions 2002



10 December 2001

Bank Account Interest



18 December 2001

Unpaid Cheque Return



21 December 2001

Unpaid Cheque Return



10 January 2002

Bank Account Interest



29 January 2002

Club Subscriptions 2001



29 January 2002

Cash Balance To Bank



11 February 2002

Bank Account Interest



08 March 2002

Club Subscriptions 2002



08 March 2002

RBoS Community Cashback



11 March 2002

Bank Account Interest



10 April 2002

Bank Account Interest



10 May 2002

Bank Account Interest



10 June 2002

Bank Account Interest



30 June 2002

SCPC - Open 2002



30 June 2002

D & MK P (Subscriptions)



11 July 2002

Bank Account Interest



12 August 2002

Bank Account Interest



10 September 2002

Bank Account Interest











13 November 2001

Trophies (2001)



13 November 2001




13 November 2001

Millbrook RFC (2001)



18 December 2001

Christmas Dinner



21 December 2001

Christmas Dinner



21 December 2001

Cheque Return Fee



29 January 2002

Terrain Hire Fees (2001)*



29 January 2002

BPA League Registration



30 January 2002




12 February 2002

BPA Club Registration Fee



30 June 2002

Southampton City Council



18 July 2002

Southampton City Council







Notes : * Both amounts paid from cash in hand and not transacted through bank account



Bank Account Balance (Lloyds)


Building Society Deposit Account (Woolwich)


Building Society Account (Woolwich)


 Richard Trent, Treasurer

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