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Singles results, Doubles results, Bernay Cup results

Our Open Competition was to have been held at our Lord's Hill terrain on Sunday 13th June 2004, but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to lack of support.


The 9-a-side team came 5th in Division 1, with 5 wins from 12 matches.

The 6-a-side team came 4th in Division 3, with 5 wins from 12 matches.

For full results from the leagues in which SCPC played, see the League Archive.


Season's achievements, 2004

This season's achievements were written back-to-front, i.e. new achievements were added at the top of the page, instead of at the bottom, as in previous years - should mean that you get to the more up-to-date information sooner!



Gianni won the Charity Mle at The Limes on Saturday 6 November, being the only player to be in winning teams for all 6 matches. [Posted 7 November]

At the Open Doubles Competition organised (brilliantly!) by Worthing Juniors at Burridge on Sunday 17 October, SCPC produced no less than 6 of the 32 entrant teams (12 players), including all 7 of our own juniors. Graham and Rob (once again!) produced the club's best result, as losing semi-finalists in the Main competition and best junior team. Hilary and Gianni won the Main consollage, and Ryan and David were losing semi-finalists in the Plate consollage. [Posted 17 October]

Sunday 3 October may have been a fairly grey, wet and miserable day for some, but not for Bernie! He won the Club Singles Championship by defeating Robin in the final, having disposed of Andy in his semi-final, with Hilary as the other losing semi-finalist. Not content with that, he went on the secure his third consecutive Club Doubles Championship with Richard P, beating first Jill and Robin in their semi-final and then Hilary and Gianni in the final. Andy and Clare were the unlucky semi-finalists. Well done Bernie! See Honours page. [Posted 3 October]

Gianni, with Jed Stone of Limesdowne, won the Limesdowne Doubles on Sunday 26 September. [Posted 3 October]

Graham, Rob and Ryan played as team 1 and Mike, Shane and Wayne as team 5 in a junior inter-regional match between the Southern Region and the Isle of Wight at Burridge on Saturday 25 September, which was won 11-9 by the Southern Region, The number one team found it tough going against the more experienced top IOW teams, winning 1 out of 4 games, but Mike, Shane and Wayne did well to win 3 out of 4, which was the second best SR team performance. [Posted 3 October]

Congratulations to Graham, Rob and Ryan for winning the Regional Juniors Championship (see Honours Board) at Shedfield on Sunday 19 September! They won all five of their games on their way to this outstanding success. Well done lads! [Posted 21 September]

Gianni won the Plate competition at the Regional singles at Crondall on Sunday 12th September, while Bernie won the Wooden Spoon competition. [Posted 14 September]

Hilary and Gianni, with Jed Stone of Limesdowne, scored 6 wins out of their 12 games in the Inter-Regional Competition (see Honours Board) at Brean Sands, Somerset, on the weekend of 4th/5th September, helping the Southern Region to a very creditable 5th place in Division 1, level on 57 games won (out of 108 played) with Eastern Region (3rd) and Chiltern Region (4th) and only 1 game behind East Midlands Region in 2nd place. Richard P was selected to be the team manager for the main squad, and Bernie was similarly selected to manage the Challenge Shield squad, which came 7th of 12 Regions in their competition. Graham was invited, with juniors from Crondall, Worthing and Shedfield to represent Devon (who could not raise their own junior team) in Division 2 of the main competition, managed by Peter, and they gained a useful 5 wins, and more useful experience of playing at this fairly tough level of competition. For a full report and results, see the Southern Region website at [Posted 8 September]

For the first time in several years, the 9-a-side team will be in Division 1 of the league for the final part of the season, having come 5th in Part 1! [Posted 8 September]

Jill and Robin, with John Pollinger (Shedfield), won the Shedfield Classic on Sunday 29 August. [Posted 8 September]

Gianni, with a maximum of 5 wins, won the Bernay Cup on Sunday 18 July, with Anthony and Jean with (4 wins each) in second and third places. [Posted 19 July]

Hilary and Gianni, with Jed Stone of Limesdowne, came fifth in the Regional Masters over the weekend of 10/11 July and once again qualified for the Inter-Regional team at Brean Sands in September. [Posted 14 July]

Congratulations to Graham and Robert for an excellent performance at the British Juniors Champshionship at Shedfield on 4 July! Having won two out of three games in the morning, they won another in the main competition in the afternoon and then lost in the quarter-finals. The two teams they lost to are both in the National Juniors squad, and our first-ever junior pair in this event was the highest placed of any Southern Region team! [Posted 5 July 2004]

At the Shedfield weekend (30/31 May), in the triples on Sunday, Hilary, Gianni and Jed Stone beat Bernie, Peter and Richard in the final of the Main consolage, and Jill, Robin and John Pollinger were runners-up in the Plate final. In the doubles on Monday, Bernie and Richard (Barrage 2), Hilary and Gianni (Barrage 3) and Graham and Rob (melee) all won three out of five games in the day, whilst Jill and Robin won Barrage 4 with two wins overall. [Posted 8 June 2004]

The Bernay Cup competition on 3 May was plagued by incessant rain and was temporarily abandoned at lunchtime with 2 out of a scheduled 5 rounds played. Watch this space for how and when it is to be resolved. [Posted 10 May 2004]

Hilary and Gianni, playing with Jed Stone of Limesdowne, did well in the first Regional Qualifier on 2 May, winning 4 out of 5 games. [Posted 10 May 2004]

For the first time ever, SCPC was able to send a team to the National Junior (and possibly at any level) Championships in its own right. The team was made up of Graham Galton, by now a veteran of several National Championships, and his new team members and friends, Ryan Dickson and Michael and Robert Padwick. They had a hard day, beating a team from Isle of Wight and losing twice to a team from the Chiltern Region during the morning. They won their first game in the plate competition in the afternoon but then came unstuck against Harrow Ladies. Although disappointed not to have done better, particularly in their last game, they all learned a lot from the experience and came away wanting to go back and do better next time. Great achievement lads - keep it up! [Posted 30 April 2004]

Hilary and Gianni won the Main Consollage at the Crondall Doubles on Easter Monday, 12 April. [Posted 14 April 2004]

For the first time in most peoples' memory, we won our first league match of the season, away to Cobbetts in the 6-a-side. After the team won both of the triples, Paul D and Graham came up with the match-winning tie in the doubles! [Posted 3 April 2004]


The Floodlighting Inauguration and "come and try" event, attended by 14 youngsters; all SCPC members; a terrific turnout of the Regional Committee; representatives of the sponsors - the City Council's Outer Shirley Regeneration Project and the Royal Bank of Scotland Group; and, of course, our Guest-of-Honour, Antti Niemi, the brilliant Saints and Finland goalkeeper, was an outstanding success! Read all about it by following the link! [Posted 18 March 2004]


Our Floodlighting Inauguration is taking place on Tuesday 9th March from 1830 until about 2100. Follow the link for more information! [Posted 3 March 2004]



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