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The 9-a-side team came 2nd in Division 2, with 3 wins from 11 matches.

The Pilgrims 6-a-side team came 1st in Division 3, with 7 wins from 12 matches.

The Saints 6-a-side team came 2nd in Division 4, with 8 wins from 12 matches.

For full results from the leagues in which SCPC played, see the League Archive.


Season's achievements, 2005

Finals Day on Sunday 13th November eventually produced Andy as Singles Champion and Hilary and Gianni as Doubles Champions! Click here for a full report on the day, plus photos and a link to the updated Honours Board! [Posted 15 November 2005]

Pilgrims are Champions of the 6-a-side Division 3! In the end, the margin was a comfortable 6 points, i.e. with more than a match in hand. Very sadly for Saints, although they were the only team in the 6-a-side Division 4 to complete all of their matches, and won more than anyone else, they were pipped by 2 points for the Championship by Admiral Cunningham, who collected 8 points from 2 concessions. Limesdowne Marvels were a point behind Saints having also collected 8 points through concessions, and Nomads who were 4th, a further 3 points behind, collected 4 points from a concession. This is all in accordance with the rules, but Saints are entitled to feel that justice has not been done, especially as, with at least one team said to be dropping out of the league, there may only be promotion to Division 3 for the Champions. Lamb are apparently not playing any of the 9-a-side Division 2 matches, which means that our 5-4 defeat by Limesdowne probably decided the Championship for that Division, although Limesdowne had a match unplayed from the first part of the season. [Posted 30 October 2005]

In the SCPA Mixed Doubles at Burridge on Sunday 23rd October, Bernie with Jackie Lee (Limesdowne) reached the Main Consolage semi-final; Hilary and Gianni reached the Plate semi-final; and Peter with Helen Dennis (Worthing) won the Plate Consolage. [Posted 30 October 2005]

Worthing Juniors will decide Saints' fate in the 6-a-side Division 4! They have four matches still to play, three away from home. If they were to win them all, mostly by reasonable margins, they would top the league, with Saints being promoted from second place. If they lose any of the four, Worthing themselves cannot overtake Saints or win the league. Otherwise, if they lose to Admiral Cunningham, then Admiral Cunningham overtake Saints, and if they also lose 4-1 or worse to Limesdowne, then Limesdowne also overtake Saints who can not then be promoted. Anything better than that in either match for Worthing and Saints get promoted, and anything better in both and Saints are Champions! Come on Worthing!! [Posted 20 October 2005]

Hilary & Gianni reached the semi-finals of the Worthing Junior Open at Burridge on Sunday 16 October, beating David and Mike (the "best Junior" team ) in the quarter-finals, which was also the stage reached by Jill and Robin. Peter and Helen Dennis from Worthing got to the quarter-finals of the Main Consolage. Wayne and Rob won the Spoon, in which Graham and Shane came 3rd. [Posted 17 October 2005]

At the time of writing, both 6-a-side teams still top their respective leagues, but it looks quite likely that both the 9-a-side and Saints 6 will be denied the chance of league championships through other clubs failing to play their matches, and Saints may even miss out on promotion for the same reason. Makes something of a mockery of our club's excellent efforts to play all of our league matches within the defined season! [Posted 17 October 2005]

Both of our 6-a-side teams lost in the General Wine Company semi-finals at The Ship on Sunday 9 October, Pilgrims by 3-2 to Horse & Jockey and Saints by 4-1 to The Ship. It was a good effort by both squads, that had done well to qualify for finals day! [Updated 10 October 2005]

The Saints 6-a-side team rounded off their season on time with a 3-2 away win against Worthing Juniors, having achieved a startling 7 wins on the trot since their last defeat on 31 May! This leaves them 7 points clear at the top of Division 4, but at the time of writing there are 4 teams who could overtake the Saints if they win their matches in hand by decisive margins. Of course they can't all do that, so the prospects for promotion still look very good. This is a great first league season for the Saints, and it represents a magnificent achievement by Peter and the rest of the squad. Well played the Saints! [Posted 9 October 2005]

The Pilgrims 6-a-side team completed its fixtures on time with a 2-3 loss at LORC to Adur Leisure. At the time of writing, two teams can still match the Pilgrims points total, but only if they win all of their outstanding matches 5-0, which isn't very likely! Its a brilliant achievement by Jean and the squad both to get the fixtures played and to have put themselves in such a strong position! Now all there is to do is sit and wait for the other clubs to complete their fixtures (up to 4 more in some cases!) to see whether they can hang on to top spot. Well played the Pilgrims! [Updated 9 October 2005]

SCPC hosted its first regional competition of recent times, the SCPA Doubles, at Lord's Hill on Sunday 2nd October - thanks to everyone who helped to prepare the terrain! Home advantage was then thoroughly exercised, with Hilary and Gianni winning the Main competition, and they will therefore go on to represent SCPA in the "Champion of Champions" competition sometime next year. Mike and David were runners-up in the Plate, in which Rob and Wayne were losing semi-finalists. Peter, playing with Ben Corp of Limesdowne, beat Bernie, playing with Trish Neville of Shedfield, in the Plate Consolage, while Shane and Graham won the Wooden Spoon. Another great effort all round! [Posted 3 October 2005]

Graham, Wayne and Shane achieved their final representative honour on behalf of Millbrook School when they won the English Schools Cup at Worthing on Saturday 1st October. [Updated 13 October]

More prizes for SCPA members at the Regional Singles held at Adur on Sunday 25th September. Hilary was runner-up to Liz Farrow (Crondall) in the Plate Competition, having beaten Gianni in the semi-final. Bernie was runner-up to Ashley Odell (Crondall) in the Main Consolage. Harrison Ask (Crondall) won the Main competition and Kath Knight (Lamb) won the Plate Consolage. [Posted 26 September]

At the Southern Counties v Isle of Wight Junior Inter-Regional competition at Sandown Rugby Club, IoW on Saturday 24th September, Wayne, Mike and Ben Corp (Limesdowne) won all 4 of their games and were the second best SCPA team. Graham, Shane and Rob won 2 out of 4, and both teams helped SCPA to beat IoW 18-10. [Posted 25 September]

SCPC made a successful contribution to the Inter-Regional Competition at Brean Sands, Somerset on September 17/18th. Pictured below in white tops (left-to-right) are: Bernie, who managed the SCPA's Brean Sands Challenge squad that improved from 7th last year to 4th; Graham, who played in the SCPA's Main Competition Division 1 squad junior team that improved from 3 wins last year to 5; and Richard, who managed the SCPA's Main Competition Division 1 squad that improved from 5th last year to 3rd. In green tops (left-to-right) are David (player), Peter (manager) and Shane (player) who were members of the junior team (4 players and a manager) that SCPA "loaned" to Devon for the weekend to play in Division 2, with this team having the best result of any junior team in the whole Competition, scoring a magnificent 11 wins out of 12 games! [Posted 20 September]

(Click for an enlarged image)

At the time of writing, all three of our league teams (9-a-side, 6 - Pilgrims, and 6 - Saints) unprecedentedly sit on top of their respective leagues tables! All three have played more games than any other team in their respective league (which is a tribute to the organisation by the three captains, Bernie, Jean and Peter, and the willingness of the squad members to turn out when asked), but its still a notable achievement - keep it up for the rest of the season! [Posted 20 September]

The 9-a-side team began the "Division 2" fixtures with a resounding 8-1 home win against Ship Wrights. For the first time in the 9-a-side, we fielded an all-junior triple (David, Shane and Wayne), who won all their 3 games - must be a moral there somewhere! [Posted 14 September 2005]

Another prize-harvesting performance by SCPC at the Farmhouse Open on Sunday 11th September! Bernie and Richard with Trish Neville of Shedfield won the Main competition, whilst Hilary and Gianni with Ed White of Farmhouse were Runner-Up in the Plate, in which Ron, Dave Hyne and Dave Prout were Losing Semi-Finalists. Graham, Shane and Rob won the Plate consollage, and Peter, Wayne and Mike came third (also having to perform unspeakable rituals as a result of suffering a 13-0 defeat earlier in the day, but we won't mention that!). The only unwanted prize was the one that Ron drew in the raffle! [Posted 11 September 2005}

SCPC dominated the prizes at the Limesdowne Open on Sunday 4th September. Graham and Shane came third overall after being knocked out in the semi-finals. Peter and Michael Padwick won the plate, while Gianni with Jed Stone (Limesdowne) were third. David (Hyne) with Bernie won the plate consollage beating fellow SCPC players Robert and Wayne in the final. [Posted 7 September 2005]

Graham and Robert helped England to retain their Home Nations title at Luton on August 13/14 2005. They teamed with the 2 IOW girls, Heather Stockbridge and Hannah Barnes, to win a total of 8 out of 12 matches. England's other junior team won 10 out of 12 matches and were the best junior team of the day. [Posted 7 September 2005]

Graham and Robert have been selected to play for England in the Home Nations Championship to be held in Luton over the weekend of August 13/14 2005. Congratulations! [Posted 25 July 2005]

Graham, Wayne and David missed winning the Regional Junior triples by a narrow points difference at Shedfield on Sunday 24th July. In the adults' competition, Bernie, Peter and Richard won the Plate. [Posted 25 July 2005]

Whilst our adults were unsuccessful in their attempts to become regional representatives this year (see article below), our juniors once again did us proud by winning the pétanque section of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Games, representing Southampton. The competition was held at our terrain at Lord's Hill, and organised and run on behalf of the Southampton City Sports Council by Jill and Robin - thanks to them! Wayne, David and Mike played in League 1 and won all four of their games with a really impressive points difference of +40, and were the best triple overall in the competition. Graham, Rob and Shane won 2 out of 3 games and came 2nd in their league, which meant that overall Southampton had 6 wins from 7, beating New Forest (5 wins), Isle of Wight (3), Alton (2) and Havant (0). When the news filtered through to the Regional Qualifier being held at Farmhouse, it was greeted by a spontaneous round of applause from the region's top adult players, which is entirely appropriate recognition for a great achievement by the lads! [Posted 3 July 2005]

Unfortunately, it looks as if our juniors will be the only playing club representatives in the Inter-Regional this year (see next article), as neither SCPC (Peter, Bernie and Richard) nor Amici (Hilary and Gianni, with Jed from Limesdowne) qualified for the Regional Masters competition from which the two Regional adult squads will be selected. SCPC came close, being 13th in the qualifiers, with 12 teams going forward to the Masters. [Posted 3 July 2005]

Three of our juniors will be at the Inter-Regional Championships and Brean Sands, Somerset, in September. Graham is one of the quartet representing the Southern Counties Pétanque Association, whilst David and Wayne are half of the team being "loaned" to Devon, who are unable to raise a junior team of their own. [Posted 3 July 2005]

Our Open Competition went off very well on Sunday 26th June - a full report, results and pictures are available by clicking the link earlier in this sentence! Jorji (Jill and Robin, with John Pollinger from Shedfield) and Amici (Hilary and Gianni, with Jed Stone from Limesdowne) were both losing semi-finalists in the Main competition. SCPC 1 (Peter, Bernie and Richard) lost in the final of the Main Consolage, beating Up Michael (one of our all-junior teams - Mike, David and Wayne) in the semi-final. Our other junior team, 2RG (Ryan, Rob and Graham) missed out on the third place prize in the Plate by a points difference of just 2. Jean, Paul and Peter (JPP) and "Mavis and her two toy boys" (Bill and Dave!) completed SCPC's impressive representation and each had their own successes during the day. A presentation was made to Ryan, who sadly was playing his last competition before he moves to Orlando, Florida - Good Luck, Ryan! [Posted 28 June 2005]

The 9-a-side team finally hauled themselves off the bottom of the table when they came from behind to win the decisive rubber 13-12 to defeat Farmhouse 5-4 at home on 21 June - two wins on the trot! Both the teams below us have at least 2 matches in hand, but the temporary, unofficial table looks a lot nicer now! [Posted 21 June 2005, corrected 28 June 2005]

Hilary and Gianni won the Plate competition at The Lamb Open, played at Adur, on Sunday 12th June. [Posted 14 June 2005]

Congratulations to an inexperienced 9-a-side team that recorded our first win (6-3) this year in that league away at The Lamb on 8th June. It was a team effort, with each triple winning 2 games, but particular credit to Clare, Mavis, Bill and Jackie for their pointing on a very difficult terrain! [Posted 10 June 2005]

SCPC may struggle to be represented in the Inter-Regional this year except, perhaps, at the Junior level. In the first qualifier at The Limes on Sunday 5th June both Southampton City (Bernie, Peter and Richard) and Amici (Hilary and Gianni, with Jed from Limesdowne) only managed 2 wins from 5 games. With an encouragingly large entry this year, the expectation is that teams will need to win 6 out of 10 over the two qualifiers to reach the Masters, so both teams need 4 wins out of 5 at Farmhouse on 3rd July, which is a tall order. [Posted 6 June 2005]

SCPC was really well represented at Shedfield for the Bank Holiday Triples (Sunday 29th May) and Doubles (Monday 30th May). In the Triples, Jorji (Jill and Robin, with Shedfield's John Pollinger) were losing semi-finalists in the Main, and Amici (Hilary and Gianni, with Limesdowne's Jed Stone) reached the same stage in the Plate, while SCPC Juniors 1 (Graham, Rob and Ryan) lost in the Plate Consolage Final. SCPC 1 (Peter, Bernie and Richard) and Juniors 2 (Mike, Wayne and David) didn't get amongst the prizes, but in all we provided most of 5 out 16 teams present! We also provided 5½ teams out of 20 for Monday's doubles. Great effort! [Posted 31 May 2005]

Hilary, playing with Kath (Lamb) and Trish (Shedfield) came third in the British Ladies Triples Qualifier at Loughton in Essex on Sunday 15th May, in spite of quite disgracefully being made to wait for 2 hours to play their final match, with the other team then refusing to play! Hopefully this means that Hilary's team may represent GB abroad later in the year! [Posted 6 June 2005]

A great turnout by SCPC for the inaugural SCPA Adult/Juniors competition at Burridge on Monday 2nd May, and our decision to move the Bernay Cup to the Sunday in order to allow so many teams (5) to enter was much appreciated. Everyone did well and came home with something: "from the top", with juniors first, Ryan and Hilary lost in the final and Mike and Robin lost in the semi-final of the Main competition; Graham and Richard won the Plate competition, beating David and Bernie in the semi-final; and Rob and David H won the Spoon Consolage. Another great day was had by all in the spring sunshine! [Posted 2 May 2005]

Graham narrowly beat Peter to win the Bernay Cup on Sunday 1st May, with Shane and Hilary 3rd and 4th respectively. [Posted 1 May 2005]

Graham, Ryan and Rob reached the semi-finals of the British Junior Triples at Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 23rd April. Shane, David and Mike also played and won 1 game. On the strength of this and other performances, Graham has been selected for the British Junior Squad Day on Saturday 30th April - well, some people will do anything to avoid having to watch Saints v Norwich at St Mary's! Congratulations to all the lads, and especially Graham! [Posted 25 April 2005]

Hilary, playing with Kath Knight of the Lamb and Trish Neville of Shedfield, came fifth in the British Ladies Triples Qualifier at Luton on 17th April, and they go on to the next stage of the competition on 15th May at Loughton. Good luck! [Posted 25 April 2005]

Mike Padwick carried the Club President to victory in the inaugural Ron Luxton Trophy club drawn doubles competition on 17th April. [Posted 25 April 2005]

In the Lamb Winter Open Doubles competition held at Burridge on 28th December 2004, Hilary and Gianni won the Plate Consolage. [Posted 11 February 2005]

This season's first big achievement is that, for the first time in our history, we have a large enough membership to enter two teams in the 6-a-side league! With Ron Luxton's retirement from captaincy at the end of last season, this means we have two new captains. The team taking over last year's position in Division 3 is to be called the Pilgrims and is to be captained by Jean Delavault. The other team, the Saints captained by Peter Galton, has to start in the lowest Division (presumably 4, at the time of posting) under the rules of the League. Good luck to both teams! [ Posted 11 February 2005]



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