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Archive, 2006 (Updated 28/02/2010)


Singles Results; Doubles Results; Championship Report; Bernay Cup Results

Open Competition Report and Results

The Ron Luxton Trophy event was postponed until 2007 (scheduled for Sunday 15th April) due to successive cancellations during 2006.


The 9-a-side team came 2nd in Division 2, with 4 wins from 10 matches.

The Pilgrims 6-a-side team came 7th in Division 2, with 3 wins from 12 matches, and were sadly relegated to Division 3.

The Saints 6-a-side team came 3rd in Division 3, with 11 wins from 14 matches, and missed promotion to Division 2 by only 4 points..

For full results from the leagues in which SCPC played, see the new format summary tables for this season or the League Archive.


Season's achievements, 2006

The 9-a-side Salver at Crondall on 29 October was another triumph for youth and experience; basically we put out a "junior" team plus Hilary, Gianni, Bernie and Peter. Having won 5 out of 6, SCPC went into the final round against Crondall to decide winners and runners-up, with the home team edging it 2-1. Great performance though! [Posted 29 October]

In the Worthing Junior Doubles at Burridge on Sunday 15 October, Wayne and Rob lost to Kath Knight and Dave Stubbs (the eventually winners) in the Main competition semi-finals. Graham, playing with Helen Manly from Worthing, were runners-up in the Main Consolage. Peter and Tom Burridge from Chiltern won the Plate competition, while David P and Andy Barron (Limesdowne) won the Plate Consolage. [Posted 17 October]

On Club Finals Day on Sunday 8 October, Jill and Robin (who beat Rob and Wayne in their semi-final) triumphed over Hilary and Gianni (who overcame Bernie and Richard P in theirs) to become Doubles Champions. Andy P retained his Singles crown, beating Robin in his semi-final to set up the final with Andy S, who overcame Rob in his semi-final. [Posted 15 October]

Graham added a third national title to his collection by winning the EPA Junior Doubles with Tim McConnon (Eastern Region) at Ventnor, Isle of Wight, on Saturday 24 September. With Tim again, and Shane, he came third in the EPA Junior Triples on Sunday 25 September, while Mike, playing with Ben Corp (Limesdowne) and Neil Floyd (Hampshire Rose) came 4th. [Posted 15 October]

The SCPA Adult/Junior competition at Burridge on 17 September was a triumph for SCPC! Both the Main and Main Consolage finals were contested by SCPC teams, with Graham and Richard P overcoming Ryan and David P in the Main, and Mike and Bernie beating Rob and Hilary in the Main Consolage. [Posted 15 October]

Graham, Shane, Rob and Wayne were the SCPA Junior team at the Inter-Regional competition at Brean Sands on 9-10 September. With 8 wins from 12, they were 4th best junior team in the top division, just one win behind the best juniors from Kent. They helped the SCPA team to third position overall. [Posted 15 October]

Hilary and Gianni celebrated Gianni's birthday at Shedfield on 3 September by winning the Plate competition at the SCPA Mixed Doubles. [Posted 15 October 2006]

Graham, Shane, Rob and Wayne, playing as "England 2" were the best team overall at the Home Nations Junior Championship in Cardiff on 12-13 August and they helped England to a comprehensive overall victory! [Posted 15 October]


Congratulations to Graham, Shane, Rob and Wayne on their selection to be the England junior team in the Home Nations Championship in Cardiff on August 12-13th - a fabulous crowning achievement for the development of all our juniors over the past couple of years! [Posted 25 July]

The Pilgrims finally won a 6-a-side match, at the 7th time of asking, beating league leaders Cobbetts at home on 11 July [Posted 16 July]

In the SCPA Junior Triples held at Farmhouse on 2 July, the "Challenge" squad (Mike and Ryan, with Ben Corp of Limesdowne) narrowly beat the "SCPA" squad (Graham, Rob and Wayne). [Posted 16 July]

Graham enjoyed his experience in representing GB in the junior team for the North Sea Championships in Fredrikstad, Norway, although the GB team overall did not fare too well, beating only the home nation amongst the 7 entrants. As one of a team of 4 juniors, Graham played in 4 games altogether. He also managed to bring all his stuff home, to Peter's amazement! [Posted 27 June]

In our Open Triples competition on Sunday 25 June, Jill and Robin, with John Pollinger (Shedfield) were losing semi-finalists in the Main. In the Plate Final, Bernie, big Dave and Richard beat Wayne, Mike and Rob 13-12. Full report here. [Posted 27 June]

Jill and Robin, with John Pollinger (Shedfield), won the Shedfield Triples on Sunday 28 May; Hilary and Gianni, with Jed Stone (Limesdowne) won the Main Consolage. [Posted 30 May]

The Ron Luxton Trophy, already rearranged once, is postponed again; new date to be decided. [Posted 29 May]

All 6 of our juniors have been selected to represent the Region in the Inter-Regional Championship at Brean Sands, Somerset, in September. Our National Triples Champions, Graham, Rob and Shane, together with Wayne, make up the SCPA Junior team, whilst Ryan and Mike form half of a junior team being entered as part of the "Brean Sands Challenge" squad - another fitting reward for all of the work and effort they have put in to developing their skills and tactical appreciation! Brilliant! [Posted 5 May]

The rearranged date for the Ron Luxton Trophy is Sunday 21 May. [Posted 3 May]

Congratulations to Hilary who won the Bernay Cup on Monday 1 May, being the only player to win all five of her games. [Posted 3 May]

The weather, which has not been at all kind for our plans for the start of the season, caused the postponement of the Ron Luxton Trophy at the club on 23 April - watch this space for a new date. [Posted 23 April]

Graham, Shane, Ryan and Rob attended the National Junior Squad day at Gillingham on Wednesday 12th April, from which Graham has been selected for the Junior Team to represent GB at the North Sea Championship in Norway on 22-25 June! I guess he won't mind missing the SCPC Open for that! Congratulations on another great achievement, Graham! It is possible that one or two of the other lads may be picked for the Home Nations Championship later in the year - hope so! Watch this space! [Posted 15 April]

The BPF National Junior Championships at Kenilworth on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April proved to be a brilliant success for our SCPC lads! Graham and Ryan won the Doubles on Saturday while Mike plus Ben Corp from Limesdowne lost in the semi-finals and Wayne and Rob came fifth; and then Graham, Shane and Rob won the Triples on Sunday. All round a fabulous achievement, especially to Graham as double-champion, and its a tribute to all the practice and work the lads have done on their game over the past couple of years, and also to the help and support that Peter has provided to them. Well done all! [Posted 3 April 2006]

BPF National Junior Champions 2006

At the Farmhouse Open Triples on Sunday 19 March, SCPC was represented in 4 teams. Hilary and Gianni with Jed Stone from Limesdowne were runners-up in the Plate. Graham, Shane and Rob beat Wayne, Mike and Ben Corp from Limesdowne in the Plate Consolage final. Peter, David Pl and Helen Harris from Worthing lost in the second round of the Plate. [Posted 22 March 2006]

SCPC had 3 junior teams at the Admiral Cunningham Doubles on Saturday 18 March. Best finish of the 3 was by David and Ryan in 9th place with 3 wins from 5 games; Graham and Shane were 10th with 3/5; and Wayne and Rob were 13th (2/5). [Posted 22 March 2006]

3 mainly SCPC teams were amongst the 16 at the Hampshire Rose Open on 12 March (new terrain at Widley, near Waterlooville). Team 3 (Mike and Wayne, with Ben Corp from Limesdowne) did best with 4 wins from 5 games (equal second, so had a 3-end play-off against the top "home team" which was mainly last year's top regional team; the lads lost that, then Hampshire Rose 1 lost in the final!). Team 2 (Peter and David Pl, with Danny Corp from Limesdowne) won 2 from 5, while both teams 2 and 3 had the satisfaction of beating team 1 (Graham, Shane and Rob) who won 1 from 5. [Posted 14 March 2006]

9-a-side update - due to not looking at the SCPA website properly (sorry!), I failed to notice that in the 9-a-side league each team will play all others once and then the league will be split into two Divisions of 4 each; so the total number of matches for the 9-a-side will be 10 (not 14), and the total number of "league weeks" for the season will be 24 (not 28). [Posted 8 March 2006]

May Day bank holiday Monday is not being used this year for the SCPA Adult/Junior competition, so we can restore the Bernay Cup to its "traditional" date. [Posted 6 March 2006]

Personal notes: Dave Pr is still housebound and unwell - I'm sure the weather isn't helping; hope to see him at the club a bit later in the year, and best wishes in the meantime. And welcome back to Ryan - was it the hurricanes that drove you out of Florida?! We're really pleased to see you, anyway! [Posted 6 March 2006]

It looks as if there are 8 teams in all leagues (6- and 9-a side) this year, which I guess may mean that we will have to fit in 28 weeks of league games in the 30 weeks between the start of April and the end of October - should be "interesting"! Our opponents are listed on the relevant pages, but there are no fixtures yet. [Posted 6 March 2006]

There's a meeting of the club's playing committee at 8.00pm on Tuesday 7 March. Amongst other things, we'll be discussing ideas for a pre-season warm-up competition between the Pilgrims and Saints squads, and the possibility of introducing some of the quite tricky skills tests and exercises that the juniors have to do to achieve their badges for use on club nights when there are no matches. [Posted 6 March 2006]

Welcome to the new season, with the great news (not that new!) that both our 6-a-side teams were promoted after last year's excellent performances - something to live up to this year! [Posted 6 March 2006]


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