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Archive, 2008 (Updated 28/02/2010)


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In what was probably our best overall League season ever, the 9-a-side team succeeded in remaining in the First Division for the first time for at least 8 years.

Saints followed their previous season's promotion from Division 3, just behind Oxshott, by gaining a second consecutive leap, again just trailing Oxshott on points, this time due to the vagaries of the 6-a-side scoring system, having won two matches more than the league champions! Pilgrims, who were narrowly third in Division 3 last year (having won one more match than Saints!) achieved promotion this time round in the most emphatic fashion, losing only their final match of the season and beating the runners-up by a massive 13 points.

For full results from the leagues in which SCPC played, see the League Archive.


Season's achievements, 2008

Congratulations to Bernie on becoming SCPA President at the Regional AGM on Sunday 23 November. [Posted 26 November]

Profuse apologies from me to all club members (and others) who make use of this site for the absence of any updates since August. During that time, problems with new computers with new operating systems, changing my home network, and getting FTP software (needed to transfer the web pages I build to the host server and Hampshire County Council) to work, combined with work and family commitments have made it impossible to keep the website as up-to-date as it should be. [Posted 8 November]

The Club Committee has met on a couple of occasions, and eventually decided that the celebration of the Club's 30th Anniversary will form an extension of our usual Christmas Presentation Evening at Chilworth Manor on Tuesday 9 December. Guests from SCPA and Millbrook Rugby Club are to be invited, along with as many previous club members who can be contacted and are able to come, to join in our celebration. [Posted 8 November]

The SCPC terrain was the late substitute venue for the SCPA Doubles on 26 October, and our friends in Millbrook Rugby Club generously extended their usual Sunday lunchtime catering to provide a very welcome hot meal for those who wanted it on a cold and wet day. Home advantage didn't seem to count for a great deal, however, although Hilary & Gianni were Losing Semi-Finalists in the Main competition, whilst Peter and David, and Sam playing with Mike Knight of Worthing, lost at the same stage in the Plate. [Posted 8 November]

Our Club Finals Day featured the unusual inevitability of a new name on the Singles trophy whichever of the four semi-finalists prevailed. Eventually, Graham emerged triumphant to claim a title he has looked likely to achieve for several seasons, beating Paul G in the final, while he and Richard T overcame the rising stars Wayne and Sam in a closely-contested Doubles final. [Posted 8 November]

Kaylee and Graham were Runners-Up in the Main Consolage of the SCPA Mixed Doubles at Burridge on 12 October, while Sam, playing with Matt Silvester of Hampshire Rose, was  a Losing Semi-Finalist in the Plate. [Posted 8 November]

In the SPCA Singles at Bordon on 14 September, Bernie won the Wooden Spoon, while in the Shooting Competition, run in parallel, Wayne made the second of three rounds. [Posted 8 November]

Bernie & Peter again took on the roles of SCPA Team Manager and Junior Team Manager respectively at the EPA Inter-Regional Competition at Brean Sands on 8/9 September. The Main squad, which included Graham and David, playing with Helen Manley from Worthing, could not repeat last year's outstanding success, but at least avoided relegation, coming 6th in Division 1. The very young Junior team, in which Sam played with Michael Priest (Worthing), Matt Silvester (Hampshire Rose) and Callum Lombard (Cobbetts) achieved a creditable 5th from the 8 Junior teams. [Posted 8 November]

Graham and David, with Helen Manley from Worthing, came 7th in the SCPC Masters, and thus qualified for the Main squad for the EPA Inter-Regional Championships at Brean Sands on 8/9 September. [Posted 1 August]

The SCPA Triples and Junior Triples on 13 July at Farmhouse proved very successful for SCPC. Graham and David, with Reynauld Guillard of Crondall, won the Adult Triples, while Sam, with Michael Priest, Matt Silvester and Callum Lombard won the Junior event, and Kaylee, with Christian Waller, Martin Brooks and Giacomo Sepe came third. [Posted 1 August]

David, playing with Andy and Chris Barron (Farmhouse) was runner-up to a Crondall team in our own Open on 29 June. Hilary, Gianni and Bernie were runners-up in the Plate, while Wendy, playing with Danny and Jackie Corp (Limes) won the Plate Consolage. [Posted 9 July]

Graham and David, playing with Helen Manley from Worthing, were SCPC's only qualifiers for the Regional Masters to be played later in the season. They finished 11th with 6 wins over the two Qualifiers. Bernie, playing with Liz Farrow (Crondall) and Trish Neville (Shedfield) got 4 wins, while Wayne, Peter and Rob, playing with Loren Butt (Shedfield) got 3. [Posted 9 July]

Peter and Graham were runners-up in the Lamb Spring Open Doubles held at Burridge on 15 June. Hilary and Gianni lost in the semi-final, also to the eventual winners from Crondall. Sam got the Best Junior award for her performance in winning the Main Consolage with Wayne. Wendy, playing with Jackie Corp (Limes) won the wooden spoon. [Posted 9 July]

Graham and David were part of the SCPA winning Espoirs team against IoW at Sandown on 8 June, with Graham and Ben Corp (Limesdowne) winning all four of their games. Sam and Kaylee were part of the SCPA Junior team that lost narrowly 7-9. [Posted 9 July]

Graham and Sam were runners-up in the SCPA Adult/Junior competition held at Burridge on 5 May. [Posted 9 July]

Bernie is obviously going for a clean sweep of club competitions this year, as he won this year's Bernay Cup held at the club on Monday 5 May. He narrowly defeated Bill, with Hilary and Jean close behind. [Posted 7 May]

At the EPA Junior Triples and Lordswood (Kent) on 26 April, Sam and Kaylee with Callum Lombard and Matt Silvester came 4th out of 9 but then bizarrely had to play-off (first to 9 points!) against the 5th team for a place in the semi-finals on the basis that they had had a bye! Sadly, they lost the play-off. [Posted 7 May]

In the EPA Ladies World Championship Qualifiers at Lordswood on 13 and 27 April, Hilary, with Kath Knight, Liz Farrow and Trish Neville came 8th overall and made it to the final playoff. [Posted 7 May]

Continuing the theme of the season so far, Kaylee and Bernie won the Ron Luxton trophy, played on Sunday 13 April 2008. [Posted 13 April]

Sam and Kaylee were in action again in the EPA Junior Doubles Championship at Lordswood, Kent on Saturday 5 April. Sam, playing with Matt Silvester (Hampshire Rose), were initially ranked 2nd, with 3 wins from 4 games, while Kaylee, and Martin Brooks (Worthing), were ranked 7th being awarded 2 wins, but actually having won three but submitted their score in one of them incorrectly! After losing in their semi-final of the top 4 playoff, Sam and Matt were eventually placed 3rd. Another great playing day! [Posted 11 April, updated 13 April]

Mixed fortunes for the two 6-a-side teams in their first matches, with Saints winning a good first home match against Royal Oak, postponed to 8 April, 3-2, but Pilgrims succumbing by the same score away to Portchester on 3 April. [Posted 10 April]

Kaylee and Wayne won the Plate Consolage at the Worthing Open Doubles at Burridge on 30 March. [ Posted 7 May]

The first playing successes of the season have been achieved, as usual, by our juniors, but this season that means Sam and Kaylee! Their natural talent and hard work, and the support of Wayne and Wendy, and Peter and others, has led to Sam beating Graham's record for youthful qualification for the Southern Counties Inter-Regional Junior squad by some years! Kaylee, even younger, has made it to the EPA Combination squad for Brean, on the assumption that SCPA will be providing a team. Brilliant performance by both girls!



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