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Pride of place for the season undoubtedly again went to Saints who became Division 1 Champions in dominant fashion, winning 3 more matches and 7 more points than their nearest rivals! This followed last season's title and their previous season's promotion as Champions of Division 2, and the season before that as Runners-Up of Division 3.

The 9-a-side team exceeded all expectations by becoming runners-up in the First Division. Sadly, Pilgrims' didn't manage to retain their place in the Six-a-Side Division 2.

For full results from the leagues in which SCPC played, see the League Archive.


Season's achievements, 2010

David WON the Holt & Haskell Club Singles Cup to go with his Bernay Cup success, beating Andy in a close three-game final. He and Wayne were unable to repeat last year's victory in the Club Doubles as Bernie & Richard P WON the Goodfirst Challenge Cup by an even narrower margin. [Posted 15 November]

SCPC WON the 9-a-side salver at Burridge on Sunday 31 October, beating Farmhouse in the final! Oxshott and The Ship were the losing semi-finalists out of 10 club teams entered. Our team consisted of David (captain), Sam and Robin as triple 1, Aaron, Bernie and Richard P as triple 2, and Kaylee, Hilary and Gianni as triple 3. Each triple won vital games, and everyone in the team made important contributions to a most enjoyable victory! Click on the small pic below for a rather fuzzy team photo! [Posted 31 October]

In the SCPA League competitions, Saints retained their 6-a-side Division 1 CHAMPION status, winning their league by a comprehensive margin. The 9-a-side team were runners-up in Division 1, a very creditable effort. Unfortunately, the Pilgrims 6-a-side squad didn't fare quite so well, being relegated from Division 2. [Posted 28 October]

Graham, Aaron and Wayne Webster were runners-up in the EPA Espoirs International Qualifier at Burnham PC on Sunday 17 October. They had the same number of wins (7) as the winners but a slightly inferior points difference. Their result means that they qualify to represent the EPA at this level in an international tournament in France next summer. [Posted 2 November]

David, with Mike Tull, was runner-up in the Arundel Lights Doubles on Sunday 17 October, and Sam and Kaylee were runners-up in the Plate [Posted 28 October].

David was runner-up in the SCPA Regional Singles held at Shedfield on Sunday 26 September. Sam was runner-up in the Main Consolage, in which Kayle was a losing semi-finalist, while Bernie was runner-up in the Plate. [Posted 28 October]

In the Inter-Regional Competition at Brean Sands on 18/19 September, David, Graham and Wayne with Karen Lombard formed Team 1 and Sam and Kaylee, with Callum Lombard and Martin Brooks for the SCPA Junior team, helping the SCPA to a magnificent overall WIN. [Posted 28 October]

Kaylee and Graham WON the SCPA Mixed Doubles held at Burridge on Sunday 12 September. Hilary and Gianni were losing semi-finalists in the Plate, while David with Lyn May (Hampshire Rose) won the Plate Consolage. [Posted 28 October]

The Planning Application for the Oasis Academy has been published, with objections required by the end of October. The plan has changed significantly as far as we are concerned, as it now no longer shows an access to the Academy running through the car park for users of the playing fields, and does not envisage the Academy "managing" the car park, which issues lay behind our (and Millbrook RFC's) earlier major concerns. The boundary of the Academy site now excludes the playing fields car park altogether. However, since the parking to be provided on the Academy site is stated in the Application as "limited", but with various forms of "joint use" of the existing car park now formally part of the plans, it seems inevitable that when there are major "out-of-school hours" events there is quite likely to be "overspill" parking from Academy-related users in the car park that we (and other sports facility users) use, which we feel may on occasions cause sports users some difficulties. Since the playing fields car park is a "public" facility, managed by the City Council, and the Planning Application includes a claim that it is only significantly used on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, and that there is therefore no weekday evening parking problem, it may well turn out that our formal complaint is seen as having no real basis. Indeed, because the Planning Application thus implicitly presents itself as containing nothing with direct impact on our club, we might best see submitting a formal objection to the Application as an expression of our irritation with the cynical actions of a "contracted-out" Council, rather than anything with a realistic chance of being successful. We and Millbrook RFC agree, however, that the comprehensive statement of objection which has been expertly assembled by Robin should be submitted, so that at least our ongoing concerns are noted. We do feel that our concerns about the parking issues are valid, but have not been treated as such by the City Council's Leisure Management, who have been copied in to all stages of our objections. In our view they have failed properly to represent our interests and those of other sports-related users of the playing fields car park and, in parallel to our objection to the Planning Application, we are considering a formal complaint to the Council about this failure. All that said, the current Application indicates a move in a positive direction compared with the previous proposals. [Posted 28 October, updated 29 October and 2 November]

Sam and Dean Seville WON the Shedfield Open Doubles on Sunday 4 September. [Posted 6 September]

Sam and Dean Seville WON the Admiral Cunningham Autumn Doubles on Saturday 3 September. Kaylee, playing with Mike Tull, were runners-up, and David and Aaron were third. [Posted 6 September]

Sam's team (with Samuel Blakey, Emma Longstaff and Josh Littley) in the European Junior Championships, held at Montauban, France on Friday 27-Sunday 29 August, didn't qualify for the main Europa Cup (won by Spain from France), but in the secondary "Coupe des Nations" Cup they made the quarter-finals, losing there to the eventual winners, Denmark. [Posted 5 September]

Kaylee and Dean Seville were at it again on Sunday 15 August, when they WON the Wroxall Doubles on the Isle of Wight, winning all five of their matches. Graham & Wayne were second and Sam & Peter fifth, both teams (together with the 3rd & 4th pair, also from Southern Counties) winning four from five. [Posted 23 August]

On Saturday 31 July, Kaylee, playing with Dean Seville, WON the Portchester Invitation Pairs event. [Posted 23 August]

The SCPA Triples (Adult & Junior) were held at SCPC on Sunday 18 July; thanks to Peter (especially for acquiring the gazebo!) and all club members who helped with preparations, and to Jackie & Millbrook RFC for running the bar at lunchtime! Of the 14 teams in the Adult event, Aaron, with Chris Barron and Liz Farrow, were runners-up in the Main Consolage, while David, with Trevor & Ben Treend, won the Plate. There were only 6 players in the Junior competition, which was therefore played as a singles event, in which Kaylee WON by a points difference of 4 over Sam. [Posted 3 August]

In the SCPA Masters at Arundel on Saturday/Sunday 10/11 July, David, Graham, Wayne and Daniel Hill came FIRST, with a magnificent 10 wins from 11 matches and a points difference of +53! Bernie, with Kim & Graham Elcome and Andy Barron qualified for the SCPA Inter-Regional Competition Challenge squad, with their 4 wins -32 points being comfortably good enough to secure 10th place. [Posted 12 July]

On Sunday 4 July, Kaylee, Sam & Wayne WON the Flight Refuelling Triples, winning all their matches. David, with Dave Stubbs and Richard Greeve was 3rd, and Hilary, Wendy & Gianni were 8th. [Posted 12 July]

The 9-a-side team stormed to the top of league Division 1 by winning their home match against Hampshire Rose 7-2 on Tuesday 29 June. Its probably a slightly false position at present because our team has played more league matches than anyone else in the Division to date, but it remains extremely positive and gratifying! [Posted 29 June]

In our Open on Sunday 27 June, "Outrage" repeated last year's victory, beating Graham and our old friend Wayne Webster, with Tomasz Rypien in the Final. Bernie's team, with Kim and Graham Elcome, won the Plate, while David and Richard P were runners-up to Cobbetts in the Consolage. Click the link for a fuller report and pictures of the finalists. [ Posted 29 June]

Saints took a strong hold on the 6-a-side Div.1 league table with an excellent 5-0 home win against their nearest rivals, Crondalliers, whom they now lead by 6 points. Bordon are closer but have played two matches more. [Posted 29 June]

In the Lyn Hordern Doubles at Arundel on Sunday 13 June, Aaron & Graham got to the Main semi-final and Bernie & David won the Plate competition. [Posted 16 June]

Sam's team in the EPA Women's Grand Prix series came 6th in the third and final event, held at Cronall on Sunday 6 June, with 3 wins from 5 games. This gave them overall 2nd place for the series, a brilliant performance! [Posted 14 June]

Eight club members took part in the EPA Championships weekend at the Hurricanes PC, Isle of Wight on May 29th (Singles), 30th (Doubles) & 31st (Mixed Doubles). Sam, Kaylee & Wayne played in all 3 events, Aaron & David played in the Singles & Doubles (not together in the Doubles), Peter & Graham played in the Doubles (not together), and Wendy played in the Mixed Doubles. In the Singles, Sam, Kaylee & Wayne all made the Main competition; David got to the quarter-final of the Plate; and Aaron to the quarter-final of the Consolage. In the Doubles, Sam & David and Graham & Wayne made the Main, while Kaylee & R.Massey reached the quarter-final of the Plate. In the Mixed Doubles, Kaylee & Chris Barron reached the Main competition. Good effort by everyone! [Posted 14 June]

Sam's team in the EPA Women's Grand Prix series came 3rd in the second event, held at the Swan Inn on Sunday 23 May. [Posted 26 May]

Webmasters announcement: With much regret I have today removed from this site my attempt to make this, the ONLY official website of SCPC, more interesting, up-to-date and interactive through the inclusion of a Forum on which any club members could themselves publish news of relevance to the whole of the club and all of its members. I have removed the Forum because of a deafening lack of interest from everyone except David (thanks for trying, David!). I do very much hope that everyone in the club will do their best to make sure that I am kept informed of ALL results and achievements of ALL club members so that this official club site continues to maintain a comprehensive report and record for the benefit of ALL club members and the wider petanque world. Thank you! [Posted 24 May]

Hilary, Graham & Peter were the decisive winners of the Ron Luxton Trophy held on a glorious day at the club on Sunday 23 May, winning all 5 of their games and recording a fanny against each of the other 3 teams during the course of the day! For full results follow the Ron Luxton link.  [This and following 11 articles posted 24 May]

In the second (and final) SCPA Regional Qualifier held at Farmhouse on Sunday 16 May, David, Graham and Wayne, with Daniel Hill, roared up to second in the overall rankings by winning 4 out of 5 games with a points difference, making 7 wins +46 overall. Bernie's team (with Andy Barron and Kim & Graham Elcome) did slightly better than in the first Qualifier, with 3 wins +22, but their overall 6 wins +38 saw them slip slightly to 6th in the final rankings, still very safely into the top 12 for the Masters competition on 10/11 July at Arundel.

Sam rejoined her team for the 3rd (and final) EPA Junior Grand Prix at Harrow PC on Sunday 9 May and, by recording 5 wins out of 6 games, regained the top spot as this year's best Junior EPA team. Further international representation beckons in the European Junior Championships in Montauban, France on 27/29 August!

David won the Bernay Cup at the club on Bank Holiday Monday 3 May, with 5 wins and a +48 points difference. Richard was runner-up, also with 5 wins but a much inferior points difference. For full results follow the Bernay Cup link.

Kaylee, with Mike Tull, got the better of defending champions Sam and Graham by being runners-up in the SCPA Adult/Junior competition at Burridge on Bank Holiday Monday 3 May. Sam and Graham were third.

In the Arundel Grand Opening competition on Sunday 18 April, Bernie, playing with Andy Barron (Farmhouse) and Kim & Graham Elcome (Adur), were runners-up (diplomatically to an Arundel team!). Kaylee, Graham and Wayne were losing semi-finalists.

Aaron, playing with David in Aaron's first competition, won the Plate Consolage in the Cobbetts Open Doubles held at Burridge on Sunday 1 April.

Sam's team (with Josh Littley standing in for Sam, who was stranded in the Philippines by the Icelandic ash cloud!), won 3 out of 5 games in the second EPA Junior Grand Prix at Thurmaston PC on Sunday 11 April, and dropped to second place in the overall rankings.

In the first adult Women's EPA Qualifier at Lordswood PC on Sunday 28 March, Sam, with Angela Gaughan, Christine Best and Debbie Elcome, won 4 games from 5 and finished second.

Sam's team for the EPA Junior Grand Prix series, with Sam Blakey and Emma Longstaff, made an excellent start in the first event at Arundel PC on Sunday 21 March, emerging as the best team, winning all 5 games with a points difference of +44! Kaylee's team (with Martin Brooks, Michael Priest and Daniela Baker) won 1 game.

Sam has made a strong start to the new season. She played in an EPA Junior qualifying tournament at Whittlesy in the Chiltern Region with Sam Blakey and Emma Longstaff on Sunday 5 March. As one of the top two teams, Sam's will participate in an International Junior tournament at Nieuwegen in Holland on 14-15 May.

Our six-a-side team in the 2010 EPA Europa Cup did well locally, beating Shedfield (walkover), Lamb and Oxshott (both 4-3) before losing out by the same score to Kent club Tovil. [This and previous 11 articles posted 24 May]

The Committee discussed the current position on the Oasis Academy development, the City Council Leisure Management outsourcing, and the renewal of Millbrook RFC's lease of the clubhouse, all essentially "watching briefs" at present, at the meeting on 7th March. The Playing Committee outcomes were reviewed, and provisional dates for Club Events were established. [Posted 7 March]

The Committee will meet at the Club on Sunday 7th March at 11.00, mainly to consider dates for events now that the SCPA Calendar has been published, but also to note the positions on the Oasis development, the "Leisure Partnership" implications, and the outcomes of the Playing Committee meeting. All are welcome to attend as "observers".

The Playing Committee met at the Club on Tuesday 23rd March to confirm a change to the 6-a-side league squads and discuss and agree the selection policies for all league teams. The Saints will attempt to defend their Division 1 Championship by always selecting the team that Graham considers is the "best" available; for Pilgrims, Jean will try to ensure that everyone who wants gets as nearly as possible an equal number of games, subject to an adequate balance between pointing and shooting preferences; and for the 9-a-side, David will aim to ensure that the team has at least 6 "strong" players, but that everyone who wants to play in the team gets a chance sometime in the season, also trying to get the pointing/shooting balance right.

David has taken on the 9-a-side captaincy for this year; Jill will advise and assist as necessary, and everyone is asked to help to make David's job as easy as possible, especially during the early part of the season while he is waiting for, then recovering from, his knee operation.

The Club submitted a "holding" objection to the plans by the City Council to outsource the management of various sports facilities, including Lord's Hill Outdoor Recreation Centre, but the plans have been implemented anyway, and "Active Nation, in partnership with DC Leisure Ltd" have been granted a 15-year lease to manage and operate the facilities. A positive and constructive meeting took place at the Club on Tuesday 23rd February between a Council representative and Peter, Robin and Richard to help the Council to understand and improve, where practicable, its services and support to us through the new partnership.

The Planning Application for the proposed Oasis Academy to be located on part of the Lord's Hill Outdoor Recreation Centre is now expected to be submitted within a couple on months. [Posted 28 February]




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