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10 Mar 2006

Competitions 2005

Bernay Cup

This year's Bernay Cup took place at Lord's Hill on Sunday 1st May, starting at 10.30am.

We managed to find the spring sunshine all day, so a good time was had by all 19 people who turned up, aided (as always) by Jill's splendid lunchtime picnic. The competition turned into a bit of a Galton benefit, with both father and son winning all 5 games, but youth won out on points difference, with Graham on +21 (see Honours) and Peter on +17. Honourable mentions to Ryan (3rd +24) and Hilary (4th +16) on 4 wins each, and Shane (5th +12) and Bernie (6th +0) on 3 wins each. Everyone won at least one game!

Full results were as follows:


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