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Bernay Cup (Last Updated 25/03/2008)

This year's Bernay Cup took place at Lord's Hill on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May, starting at 10.00am.

In keeping with the general disorganisation of our climate, having enjoyed an April that was generally more like June, the early May Bank Holiday decided to treat us to a typical April day, including one fairly torrential downpour, during which Mavis, Jackie, Big Dave and Wayne T gallantly continued in order to complete the 4th round!

We had a good turnout of 19 people, given that our two juniors, Sam and Kayleigh, were at Cobbetts playing in the regional Adult/Junior competition with Graham (defending one of the many titles he won last year as a junior, but this time being the adult half of the team) and David P respectively. As the results below show, no-one either won or lost all of their games, which I think is a first for this competition, and also shows a general improvement throughout the club in our levels of play.

For the first time since a certain Andy Powell did it in 1990/1, Hilary retained the Championship she won last year with 4 wins and a points difference of +25. Special mention has to be made of Wendy, who also achieved 4 wins with a points difference only 7 behind Hilary; and Wayne W, as the only other winner of 4 games, trailing Wendy by just 1 point.

As usual, Jill provided a good spread for lunch, which helped everyone to enjoy the day (I think!).

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