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Competitions 2004

Bernay Cup

This year's Bernay Cup competition was started, in accordance with tradition, on May Day Bank Holiday, Monday 3rd May 2004, but was rained off at lunchtime. It was revisited on Sunday 18th July.

Initially it looked as if the weather might intrude again but it cleared by mid-morning to give an ideal day for pétanque. Two records were broken - 20 is easily the largest total number of players we have had for this event and, with 5 of them being juniors, this represents a hugely welcome increase in the health and strength of the club!

The games were all played in a great spirit, with our new players (including four of the juniors) all performing at least as well as some of our more experienced players - another good omen for the future! Gianni emerged as the eventual winner, being on the winning team in all five of his games, whilst Anthony and Jean were second and third respectively, each with four wins. The full results are shown in the table below.

Once again, Jill provided an excellent picnic for everyone at lunchtime.

Thanks to everyone for a great day!

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