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[AGM 2010]




SCPC Committee Meeting, 19 April 2011, 8.00pm


Present: Richard P(chair), David, Graham, Jean, Jill, Mavis, Peter, Robin, Sam

Apologies: Hilary, Richard T

Note: In Hilary’s absence, notes for these draft Minutes were taken by Richard to the extent possible while chairing a meeting.



1.       Matters arising from AGM


a)       Early draw/start/finish for club singles/doubles.................................................................................... ]

Done, thanks to Jill

b)      Set up Tuesday evening mêlées............................................................................................................... ]

c)       Priority of regional vs club competitions

Agreed that in general SCPA events take precedence; we should try to avoid (except for the Bernay Cup) clashes with SCPA events; other exceptions may be considered by the Playing Committee case-by-case in exceptional circumstances.

All note

d)      Club financing for fleeces/body-warmers

Agreed to investigate costs with current suppliers & funding with Treasurer, then e-mail poll of Club members; preferred solution would be water-/wind-proof jacket capable of having our badge added.

Peter to investigate

e)       Mike Padwick’s website design project

Nothing heard from Mike. Final attempt to be made to contact him.

Richard P

2.       Confirmation of principles of use of spare Tuesday nights

First Club night mêlée generally agreed by those who attended to have been a success. In future, we should try for a 7.30pm start and 3 rounds of play.


3.       Active Nation (AN) update (by Robin)

SCPC & MRFC frustrated by difficulty in getting active responses from AN. MRFC lease, due for expiry in April, extended to June with “indication” of renewal then. Term of sub-lease is restricted by that of AN’s head-lease (15 years), but will probably be longer than their original 5-year offer which MRFC regard as too short. SCPC concerns noted at our AGM are still pending further discussion.


4.       Issue with Club night and lighting (by Robin/Peter)

Incident on 12 April when AN representative (subsequently transpires to be a Duty Manager at the Sports Centre) indicated that our floodlights should be off by 9.30pm has been followed up. Clear that Sports Centre records of our hiring arrangements & contact details are sketchy or non-existent and AN have no knowledge of background. Meeting to be arranged but indications are that they seek to “use” the lack of records to try to upgrade our weekly hiring fee on the basis of floodlight usage. To be resisted by SCPC reps, as far as practicable.


5.       Update on Oasis Academy-Lordshill (by Robin)

Planning permission granted by SCC & construction in progress. Construction traffic through car park has presented no difficulties to date. White line painting and extra floodlighting for car park are to be included. “Ownership” of the sports ground car park passed from “Leisure Services” to “Children’s Services & Learning” (CSL) about 2 years ago without any user-involvement or notification. Developing relationship with CSL has elicited an opinion that IF the car park becomes overloaded on our Club nights through Academy-associated use, neither of the alternative solutions considered by them to date would appear to be practicable. Developing relationship with Academy Principal is positive: “Playing Field User Group” proposed with possible rep on Academy Council; 2 Academy contacts proposed for encouragement of student petanque; links with Cedar School are proposed; discounted Academy gym membership is a possibility.

Generally Robin, but Peter to be focus for contacts with prospective student petanquers

6.       Oasis Update (continued)

The advisability or otherwise of pursuing a complaint against City Council officers for failing to prevent an incorrect statement about current non-weekend evening use of the car park being included in the Planning Application, in spite of numerous representations to various officers and departments relating to the error, was debated and voted on. Those against pursuing this matter: David, Graham, Jill, Peter, Robin, Sam; those in favour of pursuing it: Jean, Mavis, Richard P. SCPC will, therefore, take no further formal action this matter.

All note

7.       Round-up of start of season

Generally agreed to have been a promising start in all respects with no obvious recurrence of concerns that were being expressed towards to end of last season.

All note

8.       Grant from the EPA to Clubs

After some discussion it became clear that there wasn’t a single proposal – out of several ideas floated – that the Committee could put forward as a “club view”, so SCPC will make no formal submission, but individual members are welcome to submit any ideas of their own.

All note

9.       A.O.B.



Richard Powell

President/Acting Minutes Secretary

Post-meeting note: The AGM requirement for Richard P to contact the SCPA Secretary to set out our constraints and needs in relation to hosting Regional events on “our” terrain has been fulfilled and a positive reply has been received from Kath. RJP