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SCPC Open                                                                         Last Update 24/03/2007

This year's Open Competition was played at Lord's Hill Outdoor Recreation Centre on Sunday 25th July. Although no-one was likely to get sunburned, it was a pleasant enough day with only a few spots of rain during the Plate final. We had a good entry of 19 teams, especially considering that at least the last "match of the day" clashed with England's first knock-out match in some other sporting tournament abroad somewhere.

We played with 5 leagues in the morning, with a top 8 knock-out in the Main competition in the afternoon and first round losers in that having a  knock-out for the Plate. The remaining 11 teams played a three-game "snake" competition for the Consollage. Just over half of the teams won prizes (wine for the adults, cash for the juniors) and the club managed to cover its expenses with a bit to spare.

In the Main final, the Kent/Croydon team of Hugo Pham, Rashid Hamashe and Daniel Hill beat the Blue Army (Matt Slater, Mike Tull and Andy Baron), with Jorji (SCPC's very own Jill & Robin with John Pollinger from Shedfield) and Farmhouse 1 (Bob Buxton, Eugene Finnegan and Trevor Treend) as losing semi-finalists.

The Plate final was an all SCPC contest, with the "adults" (Bernie, big Dave and Richard) beating the juniors (Wayne, Mike and Rob) by the narrowest of margins in a see-saw match that had the adults leading by 8-0 and the juniors by 12-8 before the adults clinched it.

"Wanderers 2 + a virgin" (Chris and Dave Lowe and A.N.Other) won the consollage with 3 wins and a points difference of +20, with Les Escargots (Graham Elcombe, Mark Robertshaw and Richard Patterson) and Wroxhall 1 (Lee Weatherall, Andy Peacock and Paul Court) equal second with 3 wins and +18. The Crondall team of Liz Farrow, Harrison Ash and A.N.Other-Other completed the prizewinners in 4th place with 2 wins, +13.

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