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10 Mar 2006

Open Competition, 23 June 2002

Report, Results & Pictures

Nice day, pity about the M27 roadworks that delayed several people arriving from east of Southampton.  The Kite Festival and funfair alongside the terrain provided either colour and excitement or noise and distraction, depending on your personal predispositions, but it also certainly provided some exposure for pétanque amongst the passing crowds.

The entry of 13 teams virtually forced the decision to run the competition in a 5-round "snake" format, which does at least mean that most people actually get to PLAY 5 games, but the results (below) do tend to bear out the "luck of the draw", since the top 6 teams all came from the same "half"!

Nonetheless, the best team - KDM (Kath and Mike Knight and Dave Stubbs) - undoubtedly won, and congratulations to them and the other prizewinners, and thanks to everyone who turned up and made it an enjoyable day!

Photos (courtesy of Bernie)

open0201.jpg (28868 bytes)  open0202.jpg (32438 bytes)  open0203.jpg (31666 bytes)  open0204.jpg (38861 bytes)

Winners......      Runners-up..    Prizes....          Everyone who stayed to the end (except Bernie & Ron)...

...and other pictures from the day.....

open0206.jpg (32293 bytes)  open0207.jpg (35503 bytes)  open0205.jpg (34977 bytes)  open0208.jpg (41574 bytes)  open0209.jpg (37634 bytes)

open0210.jpg (36142 bytes)  open0211.jpg (30085 bytes)  open0212.jpg (32273 bytes)  open0213.jpg (41634 bytes)  open0214.jpg (41206 bytes)

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