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SCPC was founded in 1978 based around a group of officers from Southampton City Council led by the late John Ripley, who as well as being the Club's first President became President of the newly-formed BPA Southern Region at around the same time.  John was pivotal in the enormous coup of having the World Pétanque Championship hosted at the Southampton Sports Centre in 1979.  The Sports Centre then had a "Redgra" all-weather surface ideal for large pétanque competitions (in the middle-distance in the first photo below), but this was subsequently replaced by artificial turf that is no doubt preferable for the far more popular sports of football and hockey, but has deprived the Region of its biggest pétanque venue.  The Sports Centre still boasts a smaller public terrain near the "Pub in the Park" (see pictures), which was SCPC's home until 1982.  During this period, in 1979, the club had its one and only success (to date!) in winning the regional 9-a-side league.

SCPC's first home at Southampton Sports Centre

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