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10 Mar 2006

Ron Luxton Trophy 2005 - Inaugural event

2005's unpredictable spring was kind to us for the inaugural "Ron Luxton Trophy" competition. Ron himself was there, not only to ensure fair play and present the handsome cup that he has donated for the event, but also to play, and to demonstrate that he has lost none of his cunning!

The "drawn doubles" format over five rounds was meant to try to ensure that each team had a mixture of experienced and less experienced players (although that's a fairly arbitrary distinction, as most of our juniors, who have been playing for less than a year, very amply demonstrated!). 21 people turned up for the start, growing to 22 after lunch when David P turned up, so it meant one of the "pairs" in the morning and two in the afternoon were, in fact, triples.

Very democratically, no team either won or lost all of its games, and it looked as though more or less everyone enjoyed the (for us) new style of event that did not involve teams "self-selecting", which tends to lead to the top places being shared by the usual suspects.

In the end, though, Michael carried the Club President to victory, with 4 wins from 5 games and a points difference of +30, and Mike deservedly received the Trophy from Ron's fair hands. Not far behind were Shane and Robin, with 4 wins, +12. Paul G and Andy, Ryan and Jill, Rob and Graham, and Jean and the two more senior Davids all achieved 3 wins, and Wayne and Bernie got 2, whilst Mavis and Gianni, Paul D and Ron (joined later by junior David), and Bill and Peter scored 1 each.

Nice day!

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