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Ron Luxton Trophy (Last Updated 19/03/2009)

The 2008 drawn doubles event took place at Lord's Hill Outdoor Recreation Centre on Sunday 13th April, starting at 10.00am. In accordance with the tradition that seems to be building around this event, the weather behaved exactly as forecast, and dumped a short but heavy shower on us in the middle of the morning, and then a prolonged one (mercifully!) during lunchtime, which left a third of the terrain under water. Although there was the probability of some bright periods later on, further showers were inevitable, and the conditions underfoot were pretty much unplayable, so the event was abandoned with the results after 3 completed rounds standing. Fortunately, this provided indisputable winners, as Kaylee and Bernie were the only team to have won all three of their games. The draw and full results, in order of merit, were as follows:


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