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Ron Luxton Trophy (Last Updated 04/03/2011)

The 2010 drawn doubles event took place at Lord's Hill Outdoor Recreation Centre on a Sunday 23rd May.

11 people turned up to play on a perfect petanque day - warm, sunny and with only a breath of wind. Unfortunately, 11 is not a good number for a 5-round doubles event, so 3 triples and 1 double battled through a four-team league, and this was followed by a football-style playoff, with the first & fourth in the league playing each other in one semi-final and the second & third playing in the second, then the winners playing for the prize and the defeated trying to avoid the mythical wooden spoon! So at least everyone still got 5 games in the day.

Hilary, Graham & Peter were by far the best team, eventually fannying all of the other 3 teams! Gianni, Tim & Richard gave them their closest game of the day in the first match but got 10 points less in the Final, having won the 2nd v 3rd semi-final. The "wooden spoon" match was won by the smallest possible margin (reversing their league score) by the only double in the doubles event!

Full results and a picture of the champs below - click the pic for a larger image!




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