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10 Mar 2006

Club Singles and Doubles

Club Finals Day on Sunday 29 September was one of those beautiful late summer/early autumn days that are just made for pétanque. The singles semi-finals were both closely contested, with Bernie beating Paul G in two tight games, and Hilary winning a see-saw battle with Jill in a close third game. But if anyone thought that those were tight games, the doubles in the afternoon were even closer.  Since Hilary and Gianni had already won through to the final, they had to watch Jill and Robin fight it out with Bernie and Richard to see who they would face in the final. In both matches, the first two games were shared, and the third involved a titanic struggle before, in each case, Bernie and Richard triumphed by a single point. It is some measure of the closeness of all matches that the doubles final did not finish until after 5pm, with Bernie having played 11 games in the day and Hilary 8!

A few pictures from the day - click on a thumbnail to see a bigger version....

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The complete results of both competitions are shown below:

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