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10 Mar 2006

Farewell to Patrick, Christine & "The Dove"

Although the Worthing Open Triples was played there on 17th June, the second stage of the Regional Qualifiers on 10th June was the last "representative" event to be staged at the delightful venue of "The Dove", near Micheldever Station.  Patrick and Christine once again offered their outstanding hospitality, and both will be sorely missed off the terrain, as Patrick will be on it, and as the Region will miss the playing and social centre that "The Dove" has come to represent over many years (although Patrick says that the new owners are nice people, and it may be possible for the interest to be sustained).

The event was marked by the presentation by Adrian Thomas (Regional President) of a message from Dudley Lewin, the BPA President, and of a momento from the Region, to this lovely couple who have done so much to support and promote pétanque in the Southern Region.

Christine read Dudley's message aloud for the rest of us to appreciate and made a graceful speech of thanks, saying that the relationship had always been "two-way", with pétanque adding something extra to "The Dove".  To no-one's surprise who knows him, and as the photos below show, Patrick was too overcome by the emotion to say anything, but said it all without the words.

Thank you both, and every happiness in the future!

    The Dove...Chris & Patrick...Dudley's message...the Region's gift...& the odd tear!

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