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Moving home - part of a dream

In 1982, we became part of a confederation of clubs for a range of sports based at the City Council's Lord's Hill Outdoor Recreation Centre on the north-western boundary of the City near Nursling (see Map).  This confederation, known as the West Southampton Sports Club, was the brainchild of Paul Slater, long-time President and guiding light of Millbrook Rugby Football Club.  The new clubhouse at Lord's Hill opened for business in April 1983, with a formal opening performed by Olympic 400 metre runner Todd Bennett on 23rd October 1983.

With typical generosity, Paul Slater donated the trophy that is the prize for SCPC's annual Open Triples competition.  This brave experiment in co-operation eventually collapsed in 1997, with only Millbrook RFC and SCPC still active from the original confederation.  Millbrook RFC (always the largest club and biggest contributor to the running of the shared clubhouse) took it over completely, shouldering the financial management of the clubhouse, but they generously welcomed SCPC as affiliates in order that we could still have use of the clubhouse facilities.  SCPC members and visitors, please, always remember that it is Millbrook RFC volunteers who provide the bar staff for this facility and welcome our use of it, without which our "home" would be a fairly inhospitable place after a long evening league match!

The clubhouse and bar at Lord's Hill

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